We treat all general conditions of the external and middle ear.

Glue Ear – also known as otitis media with effusion, this condition affects many children and can be associated with speech delay and subsequent learning difficulties. Our surgeons are trained to diagnose this condition and offer grommet surgery when necessary. This is a day case procedure and often extremely well tolerated by children, with almost instantaneous results. Our audiologists can perform hearing tests down to the age of five on site (younger patients require specialised equipment and will be referred to an appropriate testing centre).

Myringoplasty – this is surgical repair of the ear drum and is done under general anaesthetic in hospital. There are several possible approaches and your surgeon will discuss appropriate alternatives with you in detail.

Cholesteatoma and Mastoid surgery – cholesteatoma is a complex condition which affects the middle ear and requires surgical removal. The condition itself often results in hearing loss due to erosion of the delicate middle ear bones or “ossicles”. The primary aim of treatment is to clear the disease (which is usually composed of skin cells growing like a cyst and invading adjacent structures). Once this has been done, options for hearing restoration can be discussed with your surgeon if appropriate.

Exostosis Surgery – “Surfer’s Ear” occurs when bony overgrowth in the external ear canal starts to cause problems with infection or retained wax. Ideally this condition should be operated on before the overgrowth occludes the canal, as this can make the surgery more difficult and result in a higher risk of complications

Stapedectomy – otosclerosis is an hereditary condition that affects the stapes or “stirrup” hearing bone, resulting in a conductive hearing loss. Surgery for this in selected patients can often help restore hearing without the need for a hearing aid.

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